2013 Christmas update letter – ChicagoNow (blog)

Pugs are great dogs, perhaps the top dog type that you could keep as a pet. My blog will keep you informed about anything new related to pugs, so take a look at this new information.

ChicagoNow (blog)2013 Christmas update letterChicagoNow (blog)The girls are learning wondrous new skills like sorting and folding clothes. [My oldest] comes home to a sleeping daddy and hungry pugs 2-4 days per week. She feeds them and takes them out almost every day, even if I’m home, and her allowance has been ……2013 Christmas update letter – ChicagoNow (blog)

If you would like other information about pugs, ensure you take a look and click some of these articles below which have other excellent information about pugs.

Want more information on pugs?


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