Football goes to the dogs

Pugs are fabulous pets, possibly even the top dog breed that you could have as a dog. This blog will keep you up to date about everything new associated with pugs, so check out this new information.

By Kitson Jazynka The Washington Post Inside a secret location in midtown Manhattan, a pug-Pekingese mix named Bowser shakes his head and launches into a trot across a mini football field that’s outfitted with water bowls and a tsunami of squeak toys. The 14-week-old pup sniffs the air as the movie camera zooms in for a close-up. Off camera, a bag crinkles. Bowser pauses — his …Football goes to the dogs

In addition, there are a lot of news items below that contain more excellent news about pugs, so take a look at a few of them.

Other pug articles


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